5 Facts You Should Know About Cremation Services And Pricing

Whether you are in the middle of planning your own funeral in advance or you are left with making arrangements for a loved one who has passed on, there is a good chance the topic of cremation will come up. Cremation is a preferred method for many people for a lot of other purposes, but many choose cremation because it can be more cost-effective than a traditional burial and funeral. Here are five facts you will find useful to know about cremation services and pricing when you are making arrangements.

1. Cremation Eliminates the Need for Embalming - When you choose cremation, you eliminate the need for the embalming procedure, which preserves the body. Embalming alone can cost as much as $1,200 or more, according to TheFuneralSite.com. However, if you choose to have a memorial showing before cremation, embalming may be a necessity depending on the duration of the event.

2. Cremations Alone Is Not Expensive - In comparison to the average funeral, just the fee for cremation is a fraction of the costs. The average charge for a simple crematorium services, without memorial services or embalming, can be as little as $1,100.

3. An Urn Is A Very Affordable Receptacle - With the average metal casket coming with a price tag of well over $2,000 and an urn only at about $275, as reported by the National Funeral Director's Association, it is easy to see why cremation is a logical price choice. You could save more than a $1,000 just by eliminating the casket from the funeral equation.

4. Free Cremation Is a Possibility - If you choose to have your body donated to science and medical research after you have passed on, you may qualify to have your remains cremated for free. The research will be conducted, the cremation will take place, and then the remains will be shipped to the surviving family. The whole process usually only takes between four and six weeks.

5. Cremation and Memorial Services - If you choose cremation, you will be given the option to still hold a memorial service or funeral. However, with remains that are easily portable, the service does not have to be held inside the funeral home. Therefore, you could hold your own funeral service at a more desirable location, such as a family member's home or even a local art museum, for little or no cost.

When you take a look at all of the ways cremation will allow you to save, it is easy to see why so many people opt for this type of service. Be sure to investigate pricing involved with any funeral service you choose to make the best decisions in your situation. If you're looking for cremation services in your area, visit Frederick Brothers Funeral Home Inc - Main Ofc.