Memorials: Proper Sympathy Gifts in Lieu of Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful gesture when an acquaintance, friend, or family member passes away, but sometimes you wish you could do more. If you feel you'd like to give a more personal sympathy gift there are other appropriate options. 

Touching Photographs

Something as simple as a photograph of the deceased in a nice frame can be a thoughtful and welcome gift. Often friends or family members have photos that the immediate family doesn't have. Simply use good taste and choose a photo that's appropriate for the occasion. If you have a large amount of photographs, consider an album rather than a CD that could be misplaced or broken. 

A Tree or Flowering Plant

Rather than flowers that will wither with time, a sympathy gift of a tree or flowering plant can be a wonderful gift in a family's time of grievingWith this type of sympathy gift, the family can plant the tree or flowering plant in honor of their family member and watch it grow or bloom each year. Consider the person who has passed away and the family when giving this type of gift. A tree may not be appropriate for someone who lives in an apartment building, but a flowering rose bush that can be placed on a balcony would be perfect. 

Something for the Family

After the memorial service of a loved one, it can be difficult to accomplish simple everyday things such as cooking dinner and cleaning the house. Often, a simple gift that takes care of these things such as a month of maid services, dinner gift cards, or a paid grocery service are ideal. If you feel uncertain about what type of services the family might need, a cash donation in lieu of flowers is perfectly acceptable. Simply include a sympathy card and a personalized note for the family or loved ones of the deceased. 

A Scrapbook

A scrapbook can contain anything from photos to ticket stubs, and is a kind and thoughtful gift that will be cherished by the family. You can include things like newspaper clippings, poems that remind you of the person who has passed away, or short well written stories that will make the family smile. This is an especially thoughtful gift if the family has children and a parent has passed away. 

Of course, there are other proper sympathy gifts in lieu of flowers such as personalized memorial markers. Simply choose a gift with meaning and it will be well received. Talk to a professional like Clark Funeral Home Inc for more ideas.