Pre-Planning Your Funeral: What You Should Know

When people begin to think about their future, they often tend to overlook one very important fact. One day, they will pass on and no longer be here. While this is not a pleasant subject to think about, it is a reality of life. Another reality of life is that if you do not pre-plan your funeral and after-life care, you will leave the burden to your friends and family to take care of. So, get to know some of the important facts that pertain to pre-planning your funeral and how you can make things easier for the people you love in the future. 

Funeral Homes Offer Pre-Planning Assistance

The first thing you will need to do when pre-planning your funeral is to select the funeral home you wish to work with. If you leave this decision to your loved ones after you pass on, they may end up with a home that does not provide them with the best services and accommodations, making the entire process even more stressful.

So, contact several funeral homes and discuss their pre-planning options. Be sure to ask for package pricing, find out what is included and determine how much of a down payment you will need to make to ensure your loved ones are not financially burdened in the future. Oftentimes, family-based funeral homes offer more personalized and caring services than commercial or corporate homes, so keep this in mind. Pritts Funeral Home & Chapel PA is a reputable funeral home in your area you can contact.

Keep In Mind That Plans Could Change

Many people when pre-planning their funeral name the people they wish to have perform services and eulogies at the funeral. This means naming a priest or minister, asking for specific pall-bearers, and asking that certain people speak at the funeral.

However, nobody knows how long they will live or how long others will live. So, be sure to provide a list of back-up names or options and let it be known that these are your preferences but are in no way demands. Your loved ones should not be burdened with the thought that the funeral you end up with is not the one you wanted for yourself simply because a different pastor presided over it. 

Be As Detailed As Possible

If you have specific flowers, food, or music you would like to be used in your funeral proceedings, be sure that you enumerate them in as much detail as possible. It is not enough to give the name of a band or composer, give specific songs that you would like played at the funeral.

The more details you attend to yourself, the easier you will make the process on the loved ones you leave behind. If you do not have such preferences, make sure you also state that it is up to the discretion of your loved ones or the funeral home to make such selections.

Pre-planning your funeral can ensure that you get exactly what you want from the celebration of your life and will ease the burden on your loved ones. So, do not avoid the subject; instead, tackle it head-on.