Five Funeral Planning Tips To Know

Planning a funeral can be a stressful time, which is why you will want to know what you can do to make it easier for yourself. Here are five funeral planning tips that are helpful to know of:

  1. You can Rent a Casket: To save on the cost, you can always decide on cremation of the body and choose to rent a casket for the funeral service. The body is simply placed in a cardboard box within the casket and removed after the ceremony to be cremated. This allows you to choose the option of having a viewing during the funeral service, while still being able to cut down on costs significantly. 
  2. Don't Buy a Casket with a Protective Gasket: People sometimes choose a casket that has a protective gasket inside when they choose to bury the body. The belief is that this is going to keep things from the outside being able to get in. However, a protective gasket can actually build up harmful gasses that will eventually allow the casket to explode. Overall, the protective gasket is just not worth the extra money that you pay to have it. 
  3. Request a Plain Container for Cremains: If you choose to have the body cremated, the funeral home is required to comply if you request a plain metal or plastic container for the cremains. If you do not make this request, the funeral home will place the cremains in a container with the funeral home's name on it. Most people don't want to bury their loved one in a container with the funeral home's name on it, so they end up having to purchase a new container at the burial site. To avoid this, be sure to request the plain container. 
  4. Funerals are Less Expensive without the Body: If you choose to hold a funeral service that does not actually have the body present, you are going to save money. You won't be able to have a viewing of the body, but you will at least still be able to have a ceremony and gathering with friends and family to remember the life of the loved one who was lost. 
  5. Ask for an Individual Price List: When you first visit a funeral home, they are going to provide a package set price list. This does not include all the prices on it, so if you don't see a package that you are happy with, be sure to ask for an individual price list. This will allow you to see the prices for everything individually so you can choose to leave some things out and put some other things in.

By following these tips, you can plan the best funeral service for your loved one and ensure that you are going to save money at the same time. To learn more, contact a business like W J Smith & Son Funeral Home.