3 Options For Ash Storage That Aren’t Your Usual Urn

Many people are choosing to be cremated when they pass away because it's a cheaper process, since you don't have to purchase a plot of land in a cemetery or a coffin. However, loved ones will have to choose an urn to keep the ashes of the person that was cremated, at least until they can scatter them. Urns can seem old-fashioned to many people, especially those that are younger. If you share this mindset, consider these three alternatives to the traditional urn.

1. Tree Urn

Instead of using a normal urn, you can purchase a tree urn. A tree urn is essentially a container into which you can place a person's ashes that is made out of a material that is entirely biodegradable. Once the ashes have been deposited into the urn, a small tree, such as a boxwood tree is also placed inside. Then, the rest of the tree urn is filled with dirt. The tree will begin to grow. Once the tree has gotten large enough to be planted, all you have to do is choose a location and put it in the ground. The tree will grow and serve as a beautiful memory of your loved one.

2. Jewelry Urn

If you or several of your family members were especially close to a relative that has passed, you might want to consider purchasing small lockets where you can deposit the ashes. If you purchase a jewelry urn such as this, you will be able to take your loved one wherever you go. Jewelry makers that specialize in making these portable urns will ensure that the lockets are completely airtight so that no ashes escape.

3. Shaped Urns

Urns now come in all different shapes and sizes. It is becoming popular to commission an urn from a well-known artist who will essentially make a sculpture with a hollow on the inside. The hollow can then be filled with the person's ashes. The sculpture can easily be displayed somewhere and blend into the knick-knacks that are already on display. One type of urn that is excellent for those who have a sense of humor is a ghost-shaped urn. These urns provide comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one because they show that the person who has passed is not afraid of dying and is comfortable with mocking it, even beyond the grave.

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