Top 6 Reasons To Plan Your Funeral

The topic of mortality and death is something no one wants to discuss, especially as they get older. While you may not want to think about your own death, it will actually contribute to your peace of mind if you think ahead and know what to expect. You may already be thinking about a prearranged funeral; here are the top six reasons to plan ahead:

1. Your loved ones can grieve.

Prearranged funerals give loved ones the opportunity to grieve. It's difficult and painful to plan a funeral when someone you care about dies. By making the funeral arrangements ahead of time, you remove much of the burden from your family.

2. You save your loved ones money.

By prearranging and prepaying for your funeral, you save your loved ones money. Not only do some funeral homes offer discounts for funeral prearrangement, but you can hedge inflation costs. A funeral that costs around $10,000 today is projected to cost about $15,000 in 2025. Unfortunately, while funeral costs rise, insurance payouts don't.

3. You can ensure that your wishes will be carried out.

By prearranging your funeral, your wishes will be carried out exactly. You have the peace of mind of knowing where your plot will be, deciding whether to be cremated, and choosing your own casket or urn. This also prevents your family and loved ones from arguing over details of your service. Prearrangement is especially ideal if you have not discussed your wishes with your family.

4. You can customize every aspect.

When you preplan your funeral arrangements, funeral homes give you the option of deciding on every last detail. You get to choose the music, the flowers, and who will conduct your service. Because the arrangements are made so far in advance, you will rest assured that every aspect of your funeral will reflect your life and legacy.

5. Your funeral services are transferable.

The services for prearranged funerals are transferable from one funeral home to another. If you move, your family moves, or the home goes out of business, your arrangements go with you. The funds, as well as the contract, will go to the new funeral home of your choosing. This flexibility gives you peace of mind in case plans change.

6. Prearranged funeral services are exempt.

If you need to apply for any type of services including Medicaid, SSI, or nursing home care, your funeral prepayments are exempt. This means that your prearranged funeral and payments will not be counted as an asset when you apply for government services and benefits.

These are six reasons you should plan your funeral. Contact a funeral home today for more information.