3 Ways Technology Is Changing The Funeral Industry

As technology changes, so do many aspects of the world. Your social life has likely been affected by social media, for better or worse. The way you cook dinner at night, the way you diagnose yourself with possible medical issues and the way you look for parenting tips are all influenced by technology. It only makes sense that the same can be said for how you think about funerals. Technology has shaped the face of funerals and memorials, and it might even change the way you plan your own funeral.

1. Holograms at a Funeral?

No, this is not a description of a Star Wars movie. Real funeral homes are beginning to offer holograms made from pre-recorded videos. One of the most compelling tributes in recent years did not happen at a funeral. It happened at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards when Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, appeared to be on stage, dancing. In reality, it was a very realistic 3D hologram.

While some think that this can be a meaningful tribute and a way for the deceased to share thoughts, others might consider it uncomfortable. It's a personal decision, but it is also one that is becoming a reality for many individuals.

2. Skype Your Way In

The sad reality is that not everybody in the family will be able to attend the funeral service of a loved one. Fortunately, there is a way to fix the problem, at least somewhat. Many funeral homes also offer services via Skype. A family can choose whether or not to broadcast the service, and family members can log on to be a part of the tribute.

3. Online Tributes

Online tributes and memorials are incredibly common on Facebook and other social media websites. In fact, this just goes to show that the funeral itself is only one step of a long grieving process. With the Internet, users can share photos and talk about memories. Additionally, a funeral home can create a slideshow or video with music that can be played during the funeral or added to Youtube for the family to repost.

There is no doubt that technology is opening up options that never existed before. What changes in technology will influence the funeral industry next? Speaking with your local funeral home could help you plan your own funeral, and the help of technological advancements might mean that you can actually plan a respectful departure for yourself based on your own desires.

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