The Different Types of Cremation Urns

When you choose to have a loved one cremated, one of the first decisions you need to make is how to handle their remains. There are many options, from keeping their remains in a beautiful urn, to spreading the ashes or using some of them in cremation jewelry for their closest relatives. Here are some of the different cremation urns available and when they are used.

Temporary Urn for Scattering

The first type of urn you might want to have for the remains is a temporary urn, also called a scattering urn. This is not a fancy urn since it is usually only used to hold the remains until you decide to scatter them. You might choose to scatter all of the remains at one spot that was beloved of your loved one, while in other cases you want to keep remains in the run and spread them in multiple spots during your travels. While most of these urns are meant to only be used when scattering the ashes. Some people choose a nicer variety and save the empty urn as a memorial.

Individual Urn

When you intend to leave the remains in the urn, you will most likely choose an individual urn. This type of urn holds the ashes of one person only. It holds a standard amount of ashes for a child or adult, instead of accommodating more than one person's ashes. The individual urns have many different styles and designs, from decorative glass to standard brass or unique bronze urns. The style chosen may depend on where you plan to display it, your personal preference, or the cost of the urn. There are also individual urns that are smaller and meant for infants and children who have passed.

Companion Urns

You might have a parent that wants to have their remains combined with their spouse or another loved one, so you will need a larger urn. This is called a companion urn. They typically hold enough for the remains of two adults, though some are even larger and hold the remains of more than two people. While not as common, they are available at funeral homes and retailers. Like the individual urn, these come in different colors and styles.

Keepsake Urn

The last type of cremation urn is a keepsake urn. This is smaller than a traditional urn since it is only holding a small amount of their remains. These are used when you are either splitting up the remains to multiple relatives, such as all the children of the deceased, or if you are making cremation jewelry and only have some of the remains left for the urn. For more information, talk toa specialist like Richard H Keenan Funeral Home.