Tips For Honoring Your Lost Pet With A Custom Headstone

When you've lost a family pet, finding a way to honor that pet's memory is an important part of the healing process. For many pet owners, that means creating a memorial of some sort in honor of their lost companion. There are many types of memorials that you can consider, but the goal is to choose something that reflects your pet's personality and place in your family. Here are a few of the features you should consider having added to your pet's headstone.

Epitaph Engraving

An epitaph is a traditional feature of many headstones. They're used as a way for you to express your emotions about your lost loved one, or to remember a specific trait about that person or pet. Consider including a statement about your pet's favorite toy or something about your favorite personality trait. As an example, you could have a stamp of your pet's paw print engraved on the headstone with a statement about how your pet left an imprint behind.

Picture Carving

If you have a picture of your pet that's clear and focused, you can have that image carved into the headstone. Adding an image of your pet will help you to honor that memory. This is particularly true if you can find a picture that really represents the pet's personality. For example, if you have a cat that enjoyed heights, a picture of the cat looking down from a perch is perfect.

Possession Memorial

If you really want to create a headstone with a personal touch, have one of your pet's possessions mounted to the memorial. For example, some headstone manufacturers will put a name tag into the stone or create a cutout where you can permanently mount a plastic case with a favorite toy.

Technology Tips

Although QR codes have gained popularity for their use in marketing campaigns and on product labels, they're also a great way to memorialize a pet. Include a QR code image on your pet's headstone, then link that code to a memorial website created to honor your furry family member. You can even include a guest book where visitors can leave their favorite memories of your pet and read other people's stories. Then, you'll have a great resource for seeing just how much your pet meant to everyone in your life.

With so many options for honoring your pet's memory, you're sure to find the right choice for your situation. For more information about headstones, contact Maurice Moore Memorials or a similar company.