How To Save Some Money When Planning A Funeral

Are you in charge of planning a funeral? If so, are you starting to find yourself to be a little worried over the cost of everything? To help you out, you might want to take a few moments to review the following ways you can plan a wonderful funeral while saving some money. 

Skip The Overpriced Casket

Sure, you might need to purchase a casket. However, you do not have to feel forced into selecting one of the more expensive ones. There are plenty of caskets that are a little more affordable than what you might find available for purchase through the funeral home. While the caskets that they offer there can be very nice, you have the ability to purchase the casket directly from the manufacturer and have it shipped to you or directly to the funeral home. There are also some big box chain stores that will sell a few different affordable caskets on their websites.

Consider The Option Of Cremation

Cremation is always the more affordable option when compared to a burial. The reason for this is because you do not have to purchase a grave site, a head stone, or a casket. There is simply a set fee for the cremation process. Some people will not even consider this option because of the belief that they are then not able to pay their final respects to their loved one. However, that is not the case. You still have the option of paying your final respects. You simply rent a casket from the funeral home, have the viewings with friends and family, and then the cremation process is completed after that.

Ask For Donations

Many people know that funerals can be rather expensive, even if they have never personally had to pay for one themselves. Therefore, it would not be much of a surprise for people to learn that their friends or family need a little help covering the cost of the funeral. Try asking for help. Start an online donation page where people can electronically send any amount of money they want and can even do so anonymously if they want. There is also the option of adding a small note at the bottom of the obituary for the paper that explains that the funeral home is accepting donations to help cover the cost of the service. 

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do in order to save as much money as possible when planning a funeral. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Bolton & Lunsford Funeral Homes.