4 Reasons To Wait A Year After Burial To Create A Headstone

If you recently had a loved one die and they have not chosen their headstone, you may feel rushed to select a headstone and decide on a epitaph before your loved one's funeral. However, since most custom headstones will not be ready in time for it to be placed before your loved one's funeral unless they have pre-ordered it, you may want to consider waiting a longer period before making your final decision and placing your final order for your loved one's headstone.  

The Placement of the Headstone Can Remind You of Your Loved One 

Many families decide to gather together again when the headstone is placed. This provides a second, private memorial gathering for your loved one and can be a good way to reflect on their life and check in with each other. Doing this a year after your loved one's death allows you time to grieve and the opportunity to approach the second memorial service with more positive memories. 

An Inscription Will Last Hundreds of Years and You May Want More Time to Consider What to Write

Headstones are meant to stand the test of time, and your inscription should hold meaning that will be relevant for years to come. Waiting several months to write you loved one's epitaph allows you to approach the task when you are less emotional so you can make a rational decision about what to write. 

You Will Have Enough Time to Collect Ideas From Several People Who Knew the Deceased 

Your loved one was likely important to many people, and they probably held different roles and had various types of relationships. Waiting a year to make a decision about their headstone gives you time to gather impressions from several of their family and friends, which can help you come up with an epitaph that better expresses their entire life. 

You Can Concentrate On Other Important Issues 

Perhaps most important, putting off headstone selection until later allows you to concentrate on important decisions that you are required to make immediately, such as funeral and memorial services and estate management. The headstone can be chosen after the stress of these choices has passed and you have had some time to process your initial grief. 

Choosing a meaningful headstone (from companies like McGee Monuments) and epitaph allows people to remember your loved one and be comforted when they see it. It is important to take your time when making a decision regarding your loved one's headstone.