Planning Cremation Service For A Loved One: Three Things To Know

Choosing between burial and cremation is a difficult choice when your loved one hasn't made his or her wishes known. Understanding what happens when you choose cremation services can make the decision-making process a bit easier. Here are a few things you should know about the process.

You Can Choose Your Services

You still have lots of options for the funeral service, even if you choose cremation. Your funeral director can arrange a viewing in a casket for the funeral, which can help give you and your family a bit of closure during the grieving process. You can also choose to have the cremation performed first and hold a memorial service with the urn and cremains present. If you prefer, you can choose not to have a funeral or memorial service at all. The crematorium or funeral home will simply arrange a time for you to pick up the cremains after the cremation process is complete. Work with your funeral director to select the services that best fit your needs and your budget.

You Can Be Present For The Cremation

While it is not necessary, you can choose to be present for the cremation process. You will need to work with the crematorium or funeral home to find a time that works for everyone. If you wish to have someone present but prefer not to attend yourself, you can appoint a representative from the family to attend the cremation. Some people may prefer to be present to ensure that their loved ones are cared for up to the very last minute before cremation begins.

You Can Purchase The Urn On Your Own

While funeral homes and crematoriums often offer their own selection of urns for purchase, you can also buy one from an outside retailer. You'll need to discuss this ahead of time with the cremation facility to ensure the cremains are placed in the proper container. If you choose to purchase an urn after the cremation is complete, the crematorium or funeral home will give you the cremains in a plain cardboard or plastic container.

Cremation is just one of the choices you have for your loved one's final arrangements. Your funeral home director can help you make arrangements for the cremation and answer any questions you might have before you decide how to handle your loved one's remains. Once you understand the process and your available options, you can select the right choice for your loved one and your family. For more questions, contact a local funeral home, such as Jacqueline M Ryan Home For Funerals.