Choosing Cremation: Three Alternatives To Urns

When a loved one's last wishes are to have his or her ashes spread, family members may be sad to know they won't be able to keep an urn at home. Fortunately, there are several unique options available that let you keep some of your loved one's cremains while still honoring his or her last wishes. Here are just a few options to choose from as an alternative to keeping an urn in your home.

Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewelry is crafted with a small amount of your loved one's cremains tucked inside. This jewelry comes in an array of styles, from hearts and crosses to engraved lockets. You can choose a style that fits your personal taste, or you can opt for a piece that reflects your loved one's personality. This type of jewelry makes a great option for children who have lost a parent, giving them a way to keep Mom or Dad close to their hearts.

Memorial Stuffed Animals

Memorial stuffed animals are ideal for a parent who has lost a child. These stuffed animals have a compartment that can hold a small amount of ashes. The cremains are placed inside a bag, which is then sealed into the stuffed animal. With its soft design, memorial stuffed animals provide a way to comfort you physically and emotionally. Choose from stuffed bears and lambs, or ask your funeral director if there is a way to customize your loved one's favorite stuffed animal into a memorial keepsake. 

Keepsake Urns

Keepsake urns are tiny urns you can keep with you while still observing your loved one's wishes to have his or her ashes spread. You can find a number of different styles, from small amulets to key chains, to store some of your loved one's cremains. These urns can often be engraved with the name of your relative or a personal message of faith. Your funeral director can help you to find the keepsake urn that meets your needs while honoring the memory of your dearly departed.

Because these keepsakes and memorials only use a small portion of cremains, they make it easy to spread your loved one's ashes in the manner of his or her choosing while still giving you something to hold onto for comfort during your time of need. You may want to discuss these options with your loved ones if they are pre-planning their funerals. This gives them a say in the different options so you can work together to find the right way to honor the lives of your nearest and dearest. Contact a business, such as Romero Family Funeral Home Corp., for more information.