Four Highly Personalized Options For Your Cremains

Deciding what will happen to your remains after cremation is a necessary may be a necessary if slightly morbid aspect of funeral planning. Of course, you may decide to leave the decision to your loved ones and let them keep your ashes (also called "cremains") close or disperse them based on the family's preference. Many people prefer to have a say in what will happen to their remains after cremation, though. If you're one of these, you don't need to limit yourself to the more conventional options. Read through these four unusual memorial options that you can put as a request in your will to make post-cremation memorials deeply personal.

1. Become a portrait of yourself

Mixing cremains into paint allows artists to paint a portrait of you that's also a unique memorial and highly personalized as well. If you opt for this, do the research to find the best company in advance so your family knows exactly where to go to have this done. Of course, the painter will need to work from a photograph to replicate your likeness, so be sure to keep one or more photographs on file that you like for your family's reference.  

2. Become a memorial tattoo

If you have a loved one that likes to get tattoos, they may want to keep your remains close by wherever he or she goes, and if this is the case, a tattoo may be just the thing. Some tattoo artists will mix cremains in with the tattoo ink for a highly personal memorial tattoo. You and your loved one may want to discuss the tattoo's design as well; perhaps he or she would find it especially meaningful if you design the tattoo personally.

3. Turn into your own set of fireworks

You can have fireworks custom-made with your own cremation ashes and give your family one last show. This is a great way to go out with a bang; although it may not be the favored option of families who prefer to keep remains close, remind your loved ones that it's also possible to keep part of the cremains in an urn and distribute the rest of them via firework show.

4. Create a hand-blown work of art

Ashes can also be used in glasswork to create a piece of art that's also a personalized memorial. You can even leave instructions for your family regarding what type of vessel you prefer to become (vase, bowl, et cetera).

One or more of these options can become your own meaningful cremation experience. The only obstacle to selecting multiple options rather than just one is the expense, so if you have the budget for it, go ahead and choose two or three ideas. For more ideas, talk to a funeral service.