Exposing A Few Common Cremation Myths

Being tasked with overseeing the funeral arrangements for a loved one can be a stressful task to go through. For those that have never had to perform this unpleasant chore, it can be easy to give credit to some fairly common myths about cremation. By dispelling a few cremation misconceptions, you will find yourself in a far better position for making choices for your loved one's funeral.

Myth: You Will Have To Buy A Casket To Hold A Viewing

A viewing can be an excellent way to give survivors a sense of closure by seeing the deceased. Unfortunately, there are many people that assume a viewing is not practical with cremation services because of the need to have a casket. While it is true that caskets can be extremely expensive to purchase, there are rental companies that can furnish you with a casket for the viewing.

When using these services, the body of the deceased will be placed in the casket for the duration of the viewing. At the end of the ceremony, the body will be removed and the casket returned to the rental provider. While there may be a deposit required for these services, this will be refunded or applied to the final cost of the rental as long as the casket is returned undamaged.

Myth: It Is Difficult To Travel With Cremated Remains

If your loved one passed away a long way from home, you may be concerned about traveling with their remains. However, you should be relieved to learn that cremation services provide their clients with a travel-safe container for storing the ashes of their loved one. Additionally, there are laws in place to help guarantee that individuals can travel with these remains as long as they are in a container that complies with all applicable health and safety regulations.

Myth: You Can Scatter The Ashes Anywhere

It is a common desire for individuals to want to be cremated so that their ashes can be scattered. Unfortunately, some people may fail to realize that there are strict regulations governing where these ashes can be released. In most states, you will be allowed to freely scatter these ashes on any property that you own or where you have received permission to dispose of the ashes. The complicating factor comes when there is a local water source nearby as some states require ashes to be released a minimum distance from the water source. Additionally, some communities will require you to get a permit for this task. Due to theses factors, you should make sure to check your local laws to avoid the risk of being fined for improper disposal of these ashes.