3 Casket Features Ideal For Sport Lovers

When a loved one passes away, it's important to honor them and the passions they had in life. If your loved one was a sports lover, then there are a number of different ways to honor teams they cheered for and their favorite types of sports. Along with dressing the body and creating custom headstones, the casket has a number of options available for customization. The following three features can be applied to a casket purchase. Each one has different ways to celebrate the sports that your loved one enjoyed.

Casket Linings & Fabrics

The interior of a casket can feature logos and designs featuring your loved one's favorite sports teams. A number of caskets have the option of showcasing licensed team logo sewed into the top fabric of the casket opening. The same logo can also be applied to the interior lining of the casket. For a more simple option, you have the ability to choose casket linings and fabrics that showcase the team colors. For example, if your loved one was a fan of the New York Giants, a blue casket lining can be purchased with red blankets used on the body.

Decorative Corner Panels

The corners of many caskets feature flat areas where panels can be attached. These three dimensional panels are often purchased to represent the interests of a loved one. In the world of sports, there are a number of corner panels that you can purchase. Basic designs feature balls and accessories related to sports. For example, if your loved one enjoyed golfing, then you could purchase a panel featuring a golf club and ball designs on it. If your loved one enjoyed a variety of sports, then you could feature a different sport for each panel.

Memory Drawers

Sports fans often love to collect memorabilia from teams and games they may have attended. You can celebrate this by purchasing a casket with a memory drawer built into it. These drawers allow you to store ticket stubs, game programs, trading cards, or autographed pictures from their favorite athletes. When going through items, you can select pieces that are small enough to fit into the drawer and represent their love of sports. It's a great way to place special items with the body when it is getting buried. Once the items are placed in the drawer, it can be locked and secured so that they remain there and are protected during the transportation and final burial of the casket.

Contact funeral homes to see various types of caskets and find features that are available. This will help you with pricing, casket design, and your final selection. Contact a business, such as Lisa Scott Funeral Home, for more information.