Benefits Of Having Your Loved One’s Funeral Service At A Funeral Home

There are many different venues available for holding a funeral. A funeral can take place at a place of worship or at the graveside. Another option is holding a loved one's funeral at a funeral home. There is no right or wrong approach here, and you deserve to hold the type of funeral that is most reassuring to you and your family members. However, if you're not sure where to hold the funeral, there are some distinct benefits associated with having it at a funeral home.

All faiths are welcome.

Generally, funeral homes welcome those of all faiths, including those who do not subscribe to any faith tradition. You won't be asked to prove or show documentation that your friend or family member was a part of a certain faith or subscribed to certain beliefs in order to have a funeral service there. The funeral home is likely to have connections with ministers and leaders in certain faiths, and they can have one of them perform the service if you would like. However, you can also choose to have a non-religious service if that's what you'd prefer.

You'll have one bill to pay.

If you're already having the funeral home take care of the body and host a visitation, then having them also host the funeral is a way to keep things simple, financially. You'll likely just receive one bill at the end—for the funeral itself and for all of the other services. This can make it easier to pay the bill out of the deceased's estate or life insurance or even out of your own account.

It's easier for attendees.

If the funeral home hosts the funeral service, you can hold it directly after whatever sort of visitation you have. This way, people who wish to pay their respects and attend the funeral only have to go to one event. They can stop by the visitation and then stay for the funeral. This is an especially convenient option if you have people coming in from out of town for the funeral or if you're trying to navigate busy work schedules when making funeral plans.

Choosing to have the funeral home host your funeral services can sometimes be the most convenient way to say goodbye to a loved one. Having one bill for all services can be nice, as can being welcomed regardless of your faith traditions. 

Contact a funeral home in your area for more information.