3 Reasons To Choose 18 Gauge Steel Funeral Caskets

Picking out a funeral casket for yourself or a loved one is not as easy as it may seem. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the wide variety of materials and colors. Choosing the color may be easy, but selecting the suitable material can be more difficult. To the eye, one material looks as good as another, but this is only sometimes the case. If you want a steel casket, there are reasons to choose an 18 gauge funeral casket over a 20 or 22 gauge. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Thicker Steel

When choosing a steel casket, you will notice that the higher the gauge of the steel, the cheaper the price becomes. This pricing is because when it comes to steel, the lower numbers in gauge represent the thickest steel. For example:

  • 22 gauge is the thinnest and cheapest
  • 20 gauge is still light and slightly more expensive than 22 gauge
  • 18 gauge is considered medium thickness and is mid-range in pricing 
  • 16 gauge is the thickest and most expensive

These gauge ratings apply to both standard and stainless steel.

2. Fully Customizable

Eighteen-gauge steel metal is not very thick. This thickness is fully pliable in the manufacturing process. This flexibility of the metal makes for easier fabrication and customization of the final product. 

When manufacturers are shaping 20 gauge non-gasketed caskets, they are more limited in shaping the casket shell due to the thinnest of the metal. Because of this, 18 gauge steel caskets often offer more options, colors, and designs than the higher gauge metals. Both are available with various materials and customization options inside the shell.

3. Durable and Long Lasting

Steel caskets are durable and long-lasting. They do not decompose in the ground the way wood caskets will. Because of their durability, steel caskets are a popular choice for families.

You can purchase steel caskets in gasketed and non-gasketed styles, although most metal caskets come with a gasket. Gasketed styles add a rubber gasket that ensures a tighter seal airtight seal once the casket is closed.

Manufacturers design gaskets to seal out environmental elements such as soil, microscopic insects, and water. A gasketed casket preserves a body longer by creating this airless environment. Unfortunately, nothing prevents decomposition from taking place over time. 

Your funeral director can answer questions about the right casket for you or your loved one. Most funeral homes carry an extensive line and will help you find the right one. For more information on 18 gauge steel funeral caskets, contact a company near you.