Understanding the Different Types of Cemetery Headstones

Losing a loved one is a very difficult and emotional experience. One of the many responsibilities that come with the death of a loved one is deciding on the headstone for their final resting place. Cemetery headstones memorialize the life of the departed loved one and serve as a physical remembrance of their legacy. There are several types of headstones, each with its unique design and material. Choosing the right headstone can be an overwhelming task if you are unsure of the available options. Discover the common types of cemetery headstones to help you understand and make an informed decision.

1. Flat Headstones:

Also known as flush markers or grass markers, flat headstones are the most common and affordable type of cemetery headstone. These headstones are placed flat on the ground, with only the top of the marker visible. They are usually made of granite and come in various shapes and sizes. Flat headstones can be personalized with engravings of the departed loved one's name, dates of birth and death, quotes, and other designs.

2. Upright Headstones:

Upright headstones, also known as vertical or tablet headstones, stand upright and comprise a base, tablet, and decorative sculpture. They are typically made of granite but can also be made of marble or bronze. Upright headstones offer more surface area for personalization, including engravings, etchings, and designs. They are perfect for cemeteries that allow only upright headstones.

3. Slant Headstones:

Slant headstones are slightly sloping markers that lean backward. They are installed on a base and are made of granite, marble, or bronze. The slope of the marker makes it more visible from a distance, and its size allows for personalization with inscriptions and designs.

4. Ledger Headstones:

Ledger headstones, sometimes referred to as companion headstones, are large flat markers that rest on a base and cover the entire length of the grave. They are made of granite or marble and are designed to accommodate two or more names. Ledger headstones offer ample space for the commemoration of the departed's life and can include designs, lettering, and photos.

5. Kerbed Headstones:

Kerbed headstones are large, flat markers that sit on a base and form a border around the grave. They can be made of granite or marble and provide plenty of space for personalization with epitaphs, designs, and photos. Kerbed headstones offer a unique way of marking a loved one's final resting place and can include flowers, mementos, or other decorations.

Choosing the right headstone for your departed loved one is a crucial part of the grieving process. The type of cemetery headstone you choose will depend on your personal preference, cemetery regulations, budget, and the amount of space available. Remember, the headstone you choose will serve as a permanent tribute to your loved one's life, so take your time and choose wisely. If you have any further questions or need help with choosing a headstone, do not hesitate to reach out to your local funeral home or cemetery for assistance.

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