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3 Reasons Why You May Want To Put Your Child In Grief Counseling

Grief is a very real thing, and when your child is experiencing grief, all you want to do is help them. A great way to help your child get through the grieving process is to take them in for grief counseling. This article will discuss 3 reasons why you may want to to put your child in grief counseling.  The Death Of A Loved One If your child or children have experienced the loss of a loved one, they will experience grief like they have likely never known before. Read More 

3 Ways Technology Is Changing The Funeral Industry

As technology changes, so do many aspects of the world. Your social life has likely been affected by social media, for better or worse. The way you cook dinner at night, the way you diagnose yourself with possible medical issues and the way you look for parenting tips are all influenced by technology. It only makes sense that the same can be said for how you think about funerals. Technology has shaped the face of funerals and memorials, and it might even change the way you plan your own funeral. Read More 

Is Asking For Donations To Pay For Funeral Expenses Appropriate?

If your family does not have the money or life insurance to bury a family member, then you have to find a way to pay for funeral expenses. Paying funeral expenses can be stressful when you do not have the extra money. Families in this predicament sometimes have to ask the public for donations. Read on to find out if it is appropriate to ask for financial help to bury a loved one. Read More 

Top 6 Reasons To Plan Your Funeral

The topic of mortality and death is something no one wants to discuss, especially as they get older. While you may not want to think about your own death, it will actually contribute to your peace of mind if you think ahead and know what to expect. You may already be thinking about a prearranged funeral; here are the top six reasons to plan ahead: 1. Your loved ones can grieve. Read More 

Crowdfunding Funeral Expenses: Is It A Good Idea?

Paying for a funeral is one of the most expensive things you will need to do in your lifetime. There are funeral home costs, including embalming the body, paying for funeral services and flowers, and buying a casket. This doesn't even include the memorial service or wake you might want to have before or after the actual funeral service. If a loved one dies and you can't afford to throw them the funeral they want, you might turn to crowdfunding as an option. Read More