Three Things To Know About Offering Your Condolences At A Funeral Home

The most important moment of any visit to a funeral home is that in which you offer your condolences to the grieving family. Although the family members will likely hear similar remarks from scores of people throughout the day, you have the opportunity to deliverv some poignant words that hit home and properly convey your support. Properly offering your condolences as a bit of an art – you shouldn't simply offer a brief cliché, yet you also shouldn't jeopardize the family's time with excessive chatter. Read More 

4 Reasons To Wait A Year After Burial To Create A Headstone

If you recently had a loved one die and they have not chosen their headstone, you may feel rushed to select a headstone and decide on a epitaph before your loved one's funeral. However, since most custom headstones will not be ready in time for it to be placed before your loved one's funeral unless they have pre-ordered it, you may want to consider waiting a longer period before making your final decision and placing your final order for your loved one's headstone. Read More