3 Casket Features Ideal For Sport Lovers

When a loved one passes away, it's important to honor them and the passions they had in life. If your loved one was a sports lover, then there are a number of different ways to honor teams they cheered for and their favorite types of sports. Along with dressing the body and creating custom headstones, the casket has a number of options available for customization. The following three features can be applied to a casket purchase. Read More 

Guide For Deciding Whether You Should Attend A Cremation Service

Cremation services are a way to remember and celebrate the life of a deceased person who has been cremated because of the wishes they or their family had. Sometimes word gets around about a cremation service for someone whose service you're not sure you should attend. Sometimes open invitations are even extended to all, yet that doesn't mean you'd automatically be welcomed with open arms. Consider the following criteria when deciding whether you should attend one. Read More 

Exposing A Few Common Cremation Myths

Being tasked with overseeing the funeral arrangements for a loved one can be a stressful task to go through. For those that have never had to perform this unpleasant chore, it can be easy to give credit to some fairly common myths about cremation. By dispelling a few cremation misconceptions, you will find yourself in a far better position for making choices for your loved one's funeral. Myth: You Will Have To Buy A Casket To Hold A Viewing Read More 

Four Highly Personalized Options For Your Cremains

Deciding what will happen to your remains after cremation is a necessary may be a necessary if slightly morbid aspect of funeral planning. Of course, you may decide to leave the decision to your loved ones and let them keep your ashes (also called "cremains") close or disperse them based on the family's preference. Many people prefer to have a say in what will happen to their remains after cremation, though. Read More 

Funeral Flowers: 4 Popular Options To Consider

No funeral setting is complete without an ensemble of beautiful flowers on display. Flowers have the capacity to encourage compassion among guests and help to ease anxieties that result from the occasion. There are a myriad of colorful flower types to consider incorporating into the funeral décor – the following are four popular options to consider: Carnations With lush petals and vibrant color, carnations make for lovely funeral arrangements. These bountiful flowers have different meanings associated with them depending on their color: Read More