Pre-Planning Your Funeral: What You Should Know

When people begin to think about their future, they often tend to overlook one very important fact. One day, they will pass on and no longer be here. While this is not a pleasant subject to think about, it is a reality of life. Another reality of life is that if you do not pre-plan your funeral and after-life care, you will leave the burden to your friends and family to take care of. Read More 

5 Facts You Should Know About Cremation Services And Pricing

Whether you are in the middle of planning your own funeral in advance or you are left with making arrangements for a loved one who has passed on, there is a good chance the topic of cremation will come up. Cremation is a preferred method for many people for a lot of other purposes, but many choose cremation because it can be more cost-effective than a traditional burial and funeral. Here are five facts you will find useful to know about cremation services and pricing when you are making arrangements. Read More 

Memorials: Proper Sympathy Gifts in Lieu of Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful gesture when an acquaintance, friend, or family member passes away, but sometimes you wish you could do more. If you feel you'd like to give a more personal sympathy gift there are other appropriate options.  Touching Photographs Something as simple as a photograph of the deceased in a nice frame can be a thoughtful and welcome gift. Often friends or family members have photos that the immediate family doesn't have. Read More